Misto® Outdoor Misting Fan Model 7050

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1. on 6/11/2018, said:
4 stars out of 5
Sizewise, this fan is a little bigger than a toaster oven. It's heavy and feels sturdy. It puts out a lot of air and its misters throw the mist out a pretty good distance. (Yes, the deck gets wet - you buy this to spray water!) It's a good value for the price and was exactly what I wanted for our deck in the summer. I rated 4 stars instead of 5 stars for 2 reasons: The water line where it connects to the hose bib adapter doesn't need much of a tug to break free. I pulled a little too hard and broke the connection. A part was easily attainable from Lasko's website. If you need more distance, use a short garden hose! Second, the manifold (that the misters screw into) don't seem to drain after use. This became a problem for me because I store this in the garage for the winter and after a hard freeze, the water expanded and cracked the mister housing. The part is not on the website but is available from the company. I consider this to be user error (I wish there was a note on this in the manual) and I recommend that you unscrew the water line on the bottom of the housing so it will drain before winter storage. Parts are cheap and readily available and the customer service is great (thanks, Judy!).
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